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Gospel Message
Mastering Complex Stuff
Mastering Complex Stuff
Cut The (i.e. Your Electric) Bill!!!

*** Chick Tracks

*** Allen, AA, *** AA Allen

AA Allen - blind girl receives sight!, 3:02
AA Allen Biography
AA Allen #1 Casting Out Demons (1 of 4), 10:01 (3 of 4), 10:01
AA Allen #1 Casting Out The Spirit Of Infirmity (1 of 3), 9:41 (2 of 3), 8:35 (3 of 3), 7:55
AA Allen #1 Demonic Possession (1 of 3), 9:57 (2 of 3), 10:00 (3 of 3), 7:21
AA Allen #1 Doubt and Unbelief Tie The Has Of God(1 of 3), 10:00 (2 of 3), 9:59 (3 of 3), 6:26
AA Allen #1 Have The Faith God Gives (1 of 3), 9:57 (2 of 3), 8:38 (3 of 3), 5:18
AA Allen #1 Witchcraft In The Church (1 of 3), 9:59 (2 of 3), 9:59 (3 of 3), 9:18
AA Allen #1 How To Have Gods Confidence (1 of 3), 9:59 (2 of 3), 9:47 (3 of 3), 8:04
AA Allen #1 The Eyes of The Lord, 9:45
AA Allen #3 Walking,Leaping and Praising God, 5:21
AA Allen Binding and Loosing, 28:49
AA Allen Confidence in God, 26:46
AA Allen Deliverance from Demons, 27:27
AA Allen Forgiveness and Healing, 29:02
AA Allen Go into ALL the World 29:33
AA Allen God Has Chosen the Foolish Things 29:24
AA Allen God Reversed The Decision, Don Stewart Preaching, 29:31
AA Allen He Being Often Reproved 29:21
AA Allen Healing All Those Oppressed of the Devil, 29:28
AA Allen Healing Miracles Montage 1:30:44
AA Allen Healing Service, 28:17
AA Allen Healing Testimony and Service, 29:24
AA Allen Here in Our Midst, 29:00
AA Allen Inter racial Services, 29:31
AA Allen I've Got It! 29:29
AA Allen Jesus Second Coming 28:22
AA Allen Judgement Day by A.A. Allen 26:24
AA Allen Miracles of Healing 29:25
AA Allen Now It Shall Bring Forth, 29:07
AA Allen One Body, Racism 29:31
AA Allen Pray for one Another, 29:29
AA Allen Prosper and be in Health, 26:03
AA Allen Prosperity, The Cadillac, 29:45
AA Allen Real Faith 18:51
AA Allen Recipe For Healing 29:28
AA Allen Peter's Shadow 29:26
AA Allen San Juan, Puerto Rico, 29:29
AA Allen Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Over You, 26:50
AA Allen Sing, Shout and Dance Before the Lord, 29:12
AA Allen Space to Repent 29:29
AA Allen Speak To Your Mountain, 29:25
AA Allen The Death of Judas, 29:29
AA Allen The Eyes of the Lord 29:32
AA Allen The Miracle of the Outpoured Oil 29:19
AA Allen The Power of the Lord was Present to Heal 29:24
AA Allen The Traditions of Men, 29:29
AA Allen The Undertaker's Daughter 29:36
AA Allen Water Baptismal Service 29:10
AA Allen Witchcraft, Wizards and Witches, 29:26
AA Allen Women Thou Art Loosed 29:22

*** Appliances, Heat and Air, Ranges, Refrigerators, Freezers, Etc.:

AirEase, West Columbia, SC 800-448-5872 : 8am-5pm EST © 2009 Allied Air Enterprises Inc., a Lennox International Inc. Company, Concord,
Allied Air Enterprises Inc., West Columbia, SC 800-448-5872 803-738-4000 FAX 803-738-4001 A Lennox International Inc. Company
Amana Customer Service, Benton Harbor, MI Customer Service: 866-616-2664 Parts & Accessories: 866-616-2664
Amana parts Center, 800.935.0062, Source for Amana parts
EVacuumStore 550 Adams St #357 Quincy, MA 02169 866-972-8227
Oreck, sales 800-289-5888, Customer Service rep 800-989-3535
Repair Clinic 800-269-2609 M-F 8:30 am – 9 pm; Sat 8:30-5 ET
RHEACO SERVICE INC, DAYTON, TN 423-775-6513 fax 423-775-9797, Heat and air repairman

*** Area Codes:

Area Codes

*** Arenas:

Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA, Dome Ticket office 404-223-8427
Gwinnett Center, Duluth, Georgia 800-224-6422
McKenzie Arena, UTC, Chattanooga, TN, (423) 266-6627, Tickets and Event information
NORTHWEST GEORGIA TRADE & CONVENTION CENTER, Dalton, GA 706-272-7676 800-824-7469

*** Art, Artwork: *** Museums:

The Resurrection Mural. Jesus coming out of the tomb, Tapestry Productions Inc., Temecula, CA 877.827.7763
The Resurrection Mural Popup version

*** Auctions:

ADESA Auto Auction of Atlanta, (I-85 South Exit 51, 20 mi South of Atlanta) Newnan, GA 770-251-9881 Public sale 6:30 pm Fridays (gate opens at 4:30 pm)
ADESA Knoxville, Lenoir City, TN 865-988-8000
Chattanooga Auto Auction, Cars for dealers only, GSA sales open to the public, (423)499-0015

*** Audio:
KSCO AM 1080 Santa Cruz, CA 831-475-1080, have "Dead Doctors Don't Lie Radio Show" 3-4 pm ET
KSCO Listen in
Limbaugh, Rush, Talk show host, conservative Listen live, via Windows Media Player Facebook Rush Babes for America on Facebook
WFAX AM 1220 Christian Teaching, gospel, religous, Schambach, Internet feed Listen Live
WZNZ home page (904)636-0507
Levin, Mark, Show 877-381-3811 (Mon. - Fri. 6pm to 8pm)
Ingraham, Laura 800.876.4123 (Mon. - Fri. ?pm to ?pm)
Hannity, Sean,
Savage, Michael,
WCFO AM, Atlanta, GA, Talk Radio (404) 681-9307

*** Autos, Cars, Trucks, Replacment parts, Etc. See also Travel: Car Rental:

1A Auto Parts 8 Chapel Place, Pepperell, MA 01463 888-844-3393 repacement auto parts
Auto Parts Warehouse 24/7 phone support. 800-913-6119 801-214-2997 Replacement Auto Parts
AutoTrader, Buy Sell Autos, 888-512-0094 8-8 et Ad ID: 50813066
Car Fax, Info on cars
Cars Direct
Chattanooga Has Cars
Craig's List of Chattanooga Cars only
Ebay Motors
Edmonds, Car site, prices, recalls, autos, book, used car,
Install Support, problems with power locks, etc.
Kelley Blue Book, Car site, prices, autos, used car,
US Auto Parts Network, Inc. 16941 Keegan Avenue Carson, California 90746 888-810-9229
Yahoo Motors
See also Newspapers

*** Banks, Online Payment Services and Credit Unions: (For security reasons, copy the web address. Paste into web address window. Press return.):

Bank of America



First Tennessee Bank National Association

Pay Pal, Online money transfer website

Regions Bank

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

*** Bibles, Online:

Bible Gateway, On-line Bible Passage Lookup Keyword Lookup Topical Index Listen To The Bible
Blue Letter Bible, with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon
Greek Bible
Parallel Bible

*** Bonnke, Reinhard *** Reinhard Bonnke:

Reinhard Bonnke - Baptism of the Holy Spirit 10:46
Reinhard Bonnke - Moving In Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1) 10:51
Reinhard Bonnke - God Uses Ordinery People 1:08:52
Reinhard Bonnke - Marked By The Blood of Jesus 55:41
Reinhard Bonnke - The ABC of the Gospel 57:17
Jesus is the Lord by Reinhard Bonnke 59:33
Reinhard Bonke Fire Conference in Cochin.2008 1:13:46
The Blood of Jesus by Reinhard Bonnke 49:20
Reinhard Bonnke at KCM - Go For The Double 1:51:42

*** Books:

ABE Books, Used books, 9000 dealers listed,
ASM Int. 800-336-5152 The Materials Information society, Metals and Material Resource books.
Alibris, New & Used textbooks and technical books
Barns and Noble books 1-800-The-Book
Borders Group, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI 734.477.1100
Electronic books
Audio Books, book club.
Schaums books published by Mcgraw-Hill
Online bookstore
Computer Literacy Book store
Christian books, Bibles
Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL, 800-323-4340, Technical Book store, Engineering resource books, 8-4:30 M-F CT 866-707-5858 Boca Raton, FL
DrBooks, Medical and scientific books, 60,000 titles, 800-681-4555, Fax: 800-240-2999
Fabricators & Manufactures Association, International, Welding books, etc.
Half, in conjunction with eBay, Same username, email address, etc., books, CD's, etc at 1/2 price, used, wheelhouse, etc.
Industrial Press 888-528-7852 Publish Machinery's Handbook
Recorded Books, Prince Frederick, MD 800-638-1304 M-F 7:30 A-9 P (EST) fax 410-535-5499, audio books
PPI, Belmont, CA 800-426-1178 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., PT, FE/EIT Review Books 801-374-6214 Online ordering service for industry standards worldwide
Professional Book Sellers 800-572-8878 A Full Service technical bookstore. Topics include AutoCAD, Engineering, CAD, Computer, etc.
SAE, The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility land Sea Air and Space, Bookstore, 724-776-4970
Technical Books 905-565-8391 Technical Books, etc, engineering, AutoCAD
Technology Source (905) 565-8391 Technical Books, etc.
Text Books, New and used text books, 1-888-495-1263
Why Wait for Books, UTC's bookstore, Use this to find the book title, edition, ISBN, copy write year, etc. Then go find it cheaper elsewhere!

*** Brain:

Brain Core Therapy, Chattanooga, TN 423-899-0808

*** Branham, William: *** William Branham
Brother William Branham - 20th Century Prophet 9:59
Brother William Branham - The Chicago Campaign 8:09
LA earthquake prophecy 2012 William Branham 1965 10:59
The Deity Of Jesus Christ Sermon William Branham 55:33
THE RAPTURE=SHOUT,VOICE, William Branham 7:43
vision of the church and the bride by William Branham 5:46
WILLIAM BRANHAM - The Deep Calleth Unto The Deep - 1:00:23
William Branham challenged by 350 full gospel ministers 5:04
William Branham Giving a Word of Knowledge 3:26
William Branham The Man Who Saw The Future. 7 Visions of 1933 8:02
William Branham The Sound of God's Voice 28:04
William Branham: My life story 51:34
Word the to bride by William Branham 8:13

*** Browsers:

Internet Explorer, current one, Microsoft
Netscape, current browser

*** Cad, AutoCAD:

AUGI (AutoCAD Users Group International)
Autodesk Point A
CADALYST magazine
Online Learning, direct link
I Design Online

*** Cable Networks:

Charter Cable
Comcast Cable
Time Warner Cable

*** Cad, SolidWorks:

Modern Technology Corporation
Smart Team Product Data Management Products
Solid Solutions Magazine, 90/year,505-474-5150
Solid Works
Solid Works Job News, free to job seekers,$100/ employer
Future Web site of

*** Capps, Charles: *** Charles Capps:

Charles Capps -1 of 3 - Words, Faith & Things Part 1A 1:00:08
Charles Capps -2 of 3 - Words, Faith & Things Part 1B 19:26
Charles Capps -3 of 3 - Words, Faith & Things Part 2 1:28:00
Charles Capps - 1&2 of 4 - Dynamics of Faith & Confession Parts 1&2 1:30:14
Charles Capps - 3 of 4 - Dynamics of Faith & Confession 45:04
Charles Capps - 4 of 4 - Dynamics of Faith & Confession Part 4 51:44
Charles Capps - Angels - Session 1 (1984) 45:04
Charles Capps - Authority (Session9) 47:29
Charles Capps - Endtime Events (Part 1) 1:13:19
Charles Capps - How To Succeed When Others Fail 1:25:25
Charles Capps - Jesus Our Intercessor Pt.2 58:00
Charles Capps - Prophetic Profile of the Timeline 1999 28:30
Charles Capps - Understanding What We Know About Faith - e20070306-715pm-e-b 1:39:23
Charles Capps - Understanding What We Know About Faith -Session 1b - Sunday 11 AM Service 1:22:30
Charles Capps - Understanding What We Know About Faith -Session 2 - Sunday Evening Service 1:46:5

*** Cemeteries:

NC, Mount Airy, OAKDALE CEMETERY, 1500 Block of North Main Street 336-786-3588
NC, Mount Airy, Oakdale Cemetery
NC, Mount Airy, Skyline Memory Gardens, (336) 257-1500

*** Chamber of Commerce:

Cleveland, TN Chamber of Commerce, 423-472-6587, 2nd Tuesday coffee, camber members, 8:30 am-9:30 am, Business card needed, 100 member attend, announcements at 9 am, dues 205/year

*** Chattanooga Group: Insurance, Benefits, Etc.

Schwab, Charles, 800-724-7526 7 a-11 p ET M-F Login
Chattanooga Group Intranet
Additional Intranet
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Co 800-325-4368, Wellness screen, 100/year reimbursement
Aetena Dental Administrators (i.e. Assurant Employee Benefits) 800-442-7742
Alliance Benefit Group, Medical Savings Account, 800-898-9344, Fax: 866-254-6490
United Health Care, Chatt group 2002-01-01 to 2002-12-31
Delta Dental of MN, PO Box 59238 Minneapolis MN 55459-0238, 800-448-3815 7 am-7 pm M-F, Chatt group dental policy Jan 1, 2008 onward
Fidelity 800-835-5097, 401k effective Oct 2008

*** Chelation stuff:

American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Irvine, CA 92618 800-532-3688
Complementary Alternative Medical Association (CAMA) CAMA / P.O. Box 373478 / Decatur, GA 30037-3478 / 404-284-7592

Email: Complementary Alternative Medical Association (CAMA) CAMA / P.O. Box 373478 / Decatur, GA 30037-3478 / 404-284-7592

Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, PO Box 6536, Minn, MN 55406
Email: Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, PO Box 6536, Minn, MN 55406

Board of Medical Examiners, The, Tennessee Department of Health 425 Fifth Avenue North, Cordell Hull Building, 3rd Floor Nashville, TN 37247 615-532-3202 800-778-4123
Tennessee Integrated Medical Society
Tennesseans for Health Care Freedom

*** Chiropractic:

Cross Chiropractic Center, Dr. Richard L. Cross, 1935 Rockbluff Rd. Hixson, TN 37343 (423) 875-3800

Fairmount Productions & Institute for Advanced BioStructural Correction 2490 Black Rock Turnpike #353 Fairfield, CT 06825 (203) 683-4865 Fax: (203) 659-0377 Jesse Jutkowitz - Developer Alison Tamucci - Administrator, Chiropractor Referals

*** Coe, Jack: *** Jack Coe

Jack Coe Expect A Miracle 22:34
Jack Coe Practicing Medicine Without A License 41:33

*** Computers, Hardware, Software, Computer online Help facilities

Computer Help, Technical assistance for a fee, via email, helponline
Dell Computer
E People, place to ask technical computer questions of. Fee based., formerly nowonder
E People, My question, were are programs/ext relationships stored?
Hewlett Packard 800-227-8164
PC Computer Notes, beginners training on hardware etc.
PCIN, Dos programming tips, etc. great, free
PCIN, Free Computer Help Forum
Windows Scripting Language
Komando, Kim, Computer talk show, 7-10 am PT Sat 888-825-5254
Computer Warehouse, EL Dorado Hills, CA

*** Complaints:

Gripe Vine
Complaints Board, complaints about insurance companies, etc.
National Do Not Call Registry, FILE A COMPLAINT

*** Conferences:

Free Conference 800-555-7799 or 800-581-3733 Utah 775-553-8340
Hot Conference

*** Courts:

Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Chattanooga, TN 37402-2722 (423) 752-5163
US Courts

*** Credit Reporting Service:

Credit Comm 800-777-9700 Get a credit report

*** Dictionaries:

See English

*** Disk Space:

Files Anywhere 866-805-1991
Free Drive, Free disk space

*** Drugs, Drugstore, Pharmacy, etc.: See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

Drug Store, Web site that has everything, drug store related, Vitamins, etc. 800-drugstore (800-378-4786)

*** E-Mail:

Hot mail
Web Mail, Way to check your email from on the road
Yahoo mail

*** Ecoquest International, Air Purifiers, Etc.

Ecoquest International Air Purifiers, etc.
Hartland Select Natural Products
Training for Ecoquest
Grateful Wealth

*** Education:

FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid 800-433-3243
Information on obtaining student aid
Pin to sign student aid applications
Teaching and Learning, the Praxis Series for teachers
National Student Loan Data System, see FAFSA
Direct Loan Servicing Center 800-848-0979

*** Elections:

TN Bradley County Election Commission, Cleveland, TN (423) 728-7115 F: (423) 728-7116
TN Hamilton Co election
TN State Election Commission
United States, State Election Links
United States, Federal Election Commission

*** Electronics:

Sony 8880

*** English:

30 online dictionaries
Acronym, Abbr.
Encyclopedia Britannica
How to write a technical Report
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Translator for English, Spanish, etc.

*** Engineering Related Items:

Chattanooga Engineers Club P.O. Box 4031, Chattanooga, TN 37405

*** Entrepreneurial Source:

Aegin Place, Idledale, CO 866-659-1834 Fax: 303-697-0214, Contact: Zach Sahker
Aegin Place, Franchise website
On-Hold Marketing & Communications, West Des Moines, IA 800-947-8230 Fax: 515-225-7799
Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. 16292 Westwood Business Park Dr. Ellisville, MO 63021 800-373-3581 Fax: 877-235-0808 Robert D. Baker, CLP President/Founder [email protected]

*** Facebook:

Childress, Fallon
Childress, Terry
Childress, Timothy Lee
Childress, Tj
Wall, Penny,

*** Finance:

Clark Howard 404-892-8227 10 am-7 pm ET.
Eathen Pope, Financial person, Investing, Mutual Funds
Financial Peace, Dave Ramsey, For Resources 888-22-peace Listen Live All radio stations airing the show Archives
Larry Burket's ministry, Christian Financial Concepts
Mastering Your Money, Book, how to save 1/2 your income.

*** Florists:

Airmont Florist & Gift Shop, 308 W. Pine Street, Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-786-2101

*** Funeral Homes:

GA, Calhoun, Max Brannon & Sons Funeral Home 711 College Street P.O. Box 1027 30701 Phone: 706-629-4508 Fax: 706-629-1510 Directions: From Dalton, Chattanooga Take I-75S to exit 315. (Red Bud Road Exit) Turn right onto Red Bud Road. Turn left at the 3rd traffic light onto College Street. As you approach the first traffic light, the funeral home will be on your left. (Gordon county GA)

GA, Calhoun, Ponders Funeral Home - Calhoun 675 Jolly Road GA 30701 (706)625-7577 24 hour obituary line 706-279-8794 (Gordon county GA)

GA, Calhoun, Thomas Funeral Home 535 Red Bud Road N.E. Georgia 30701 Phone: 706-629-2832 Fax: 866-629-2871 Directions: From Chattanooga I-75 South to Exit 315, Ga. Hwy. 156, Red Bud Rd. At bottom of Exit Ramp turn Right. Funeral Home will be 1 Mile from I-75 on Left of Street. (Gordon county GA)

GA, Ft. Oglethorpe, W.L. Wilson & Sons 555 West Cloud Springs Road GA (706) 866-5555

NC, Mt. Airy, Moody Funeral Services, Inc., , NC 336-786-2165

SC, Greenville, Mackey Mortuary Funerals and Cremations, (864) 232-6706

TN, Cleveland, Fike Funeral Home 423-472-1525 (Bradley county TN)

TN, Cleveland, Grissom Funeral Home, Cleveland, TN 423-476-8575 (Bradley county TN)

TN, Cleveland, Jim Rush Funeral Home 2600 North Ocoee St. NW Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 476-6558 220 Wildwood Cleveland, TN 37311 (423) 472-4555

TN, Cleveland, M.D. Dotson & Sons Funeral Home 165 Lang Street Cleveland, Tennessee 37312 423.472.8131

TN, Cleveland, Patton Funeral Home 265 Fair St. SE Cleveland, TN 37311

TN, Cleveland, Ralph Buckner Funeral Home & Crematory 423-472-1152 (Bradley county TN)

TN, Chattanooga, LANE FUNERAL HOME, 601 Ashland Terrace, TN 37415 423-877-3524 (Hamilton county TN)

TN, Dunlap, Putnam-Standefer-Reed Funeral Home, Pikeville, TN, Whitwell, TN (Sequatchie County, Bledsoe County, Marion County TN)

*** Furniture:

La-Z-Boy, Chattanooga, TN 423-899-4100

*** Getting Things Done, David Allen

David Allen Company, Ojai, CA 805-646-8432
Free Information
Triangulation 22: David Allen, Getting Things Done 51:34
Getting Things Done GTD 101, David Allen 1:07:24

David Allen on Dealing with Interruptions
GTD explained in minutes 6:32
Exclusive David Allen Interview! Manage Your To-Do List - 12:35 GTD
David Allen - David Allen Company 14:30 GTD

*** Glasses, Eye Glasses:

Zenni Optical, San Rafael, CA 800-211-2105

*** Goals and Goal Setting:

Cindi Ferrini, Balancing your life, setting priorities, goals, etc
Goal Setting, 20 minute tutorial
Shad Helmstetter’s goal tracking web site.
Top Achievement, Goal Setting information

*** Government: Georgia:

*** Government: Iowa

Board of Regents, State of Iowa 515-281-3934 Fax: 515-281-6420
The Iowa Legislature, Legislative Information Office 515-281-5129
Governor of Iowa, 515-281-5211 Fax: 515-281-6611

*** Government: National

FedBizOpps (FBO), formerly the Commerce Business Daily(CBD), 800-932-7761 [email protected]
Federal Information Center 800-688-9889 FIC is a single point of contact for people who have questions about Federal agencies, programs, and services
Health Coverage Tax Credit, (HCTC), HCTC office 1-866-628-4282
IRS, Standard Mileage Rates, Car, automobile
Links to Other Government Sites
Medicare, insurance, part a, part b
Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
Service Locator, sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Travel, Government website, A service of the bureau of consumer affairs, US Dept of State
US Department of labor’s occupational Outlook Handbook
US Department of State, Washington, DC 202-647-4000 Hotline for American Travelers: 888-407-4747

*** Government: Tennessee

Bradley County Website
Chattanooga Tennessee Government Website, 311 center, 423-425-6311, Fax 423-425-6204 TN
Cleveland, TN, City Municipal Building 190 Church Street Cleveland TN 37311 423-472-4551
Dept of Commerce and Insurance, Home Improvement License Boards 500 James Robertson Pkwy, Suite 100 Nashville, TN 37243-1150 800-544-7693 Fax: 615-532-2868
Hamilton County Government
Tennessee Unemployment Website, 877-813-0950, Chattanooga 423-894-5354 TIPS line 800-689-9799
Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program of Tennessee
United Way of Bradley County, Inc. P.O. Box 193 Cleveland, TN 37364-0193 Phone: 423-479-2020; 423-472-9876 Fax: 423-339-1110, book of places to get help
Key Train

Alexander, Lamar, Senator, TN, United States Senate, Washington, DC (202) 224-4944, Local: Chattanooga, TN (423) 752-5337
Corker, Bob, Senator, TN, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510, 202-224-3344, Chattanooga, TN 37402 423-756-2757
Fleischmann, Chuck, US Representative, 3rd district

Brooks, Kevin, Rep, R-Cleveland, District 24 — Part of Bradley County, district address: P.O. Box 4801 Cleveland, TN 37320 Nashville Address: 301 6th Avenue North, Suite 104 War Memorial Building Nashville, TN 37243 Phone (615) 741-1350 Fax (615) 253-0346 effective 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012
Watson, Eric, Cleveland Representative

*** Government: Tennessee: Nashville:

Legislature, Nashville
Tennessee Any Time
Tennessee Teachers License Renewal Information, 615-532-4885 Fax: 615-532-1448 7 am-4:30 pm CST
The Praxis Series Educational Testing Service 609-771-7395

*** Habitat

Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland, Cleveland, TN 423.476.6947

*** Hagin, Kenneth *** Kenneth Hagin

Kenneth E Hagin - El Sheddai (1/2) 29:55
Kenneth E Hagin - El Sheddai (2/2) 29:30
Kenneth E Hagin 1 Spirit of Seeing and Knowing- Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1997 13:59
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 0108 God's Healing Power 5 1:19:28
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 0202 Romans 8v11, If That Same Spirit Video 10 1:09:20
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 0511 Your Words Video 25 1:02:07
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 0601 Paul's Revelation 1:18:11
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 0602 Hindrances to Healing Video 17 1:04:41
Kenneth E Hagin 1982 1111 Spiritual Death Video 13 1:28:34
Kenneth E Hagin 1985 0111 He Who Has an Ear to Hear 33 1:11:35
Kenneth E Hagin 1997 10 21, St Louis Holy Ghost Meeting, Full 1:24:15
Kenneth E Hagin 2000 0920 AM Birmingham, AL 1:12:15
Kenneth E Hagin 2003 0128 PM Lakeland, FL 1:27:13
Kenneth E Hagin Campmeeting 1997 072197 Learning to Flow with the Spirit of God 1:27:21
Kenneth E Hagin Campmeeting 2001 July 28 20011 1:23:13
Kenneth E Hagin Campmeeting 2003 Monday PM 072103 1:52:48
Kenneth E Hagin Gifts & Callings RHEMA South Africa 1985 1 of 2 1:59:05
Kenneth E Hagin Healing School Part 2 1:19:45
Kenneth E Hagin Holy Ghost Meeting in St. Louis (2) 43:58
Kenneth E Hagin How to Pray About Finances - Kenneth E. Hagin 1:02
Kenneth E Hagin Love The Way to Victory 01 Love Never Fails 1:07:02
Kenneth E Hagin Love The Way to Victory 02 Walking in Love & Forgiveness 1:13:05
Kenneth E Hagin Love The Way to Victory 03 Divine Love Defined 1:02:14
Kenneth E Hagin Ministries' Winston-Salem North Carolina All Faiths' Crusade 39 2003 9:10
Kenneth E Hagin The Believer's Authority 01 The Believer's Authority 103188 1:17:58
Kenneth E Hagin The Believer's Authority 02 Excercising Our Authority 110188 1:06:57
Kenneth E Hagin The Believer's Authority 03 Reigning with Our Authority 110288 1:09:32
Kenneth E Hagin Variety of Ways of Healing Tape 2 part 1 and 2 1:13:57
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1995 022395 1:23:13
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1997 021797 Born To Raze Hell 1:57:43
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1997 021997 The Word of Knowledge 2:10:43
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1999 022099 Monday PM 1:41:40
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 1999 022499 Wednesday PM 2:15:13
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 2001 022001 55:37
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 2002 Thursday PM 85th Birthday Celebrations 2:59:33
Kenneth E Hagin WBS 2003 021803 1:32:59
Kenneth E Hagin What To Do When Faith Seems Weak and Victory Lost 2 1:13:40

*** Hardware, Home improvement, Plumbing, Building Supplies

Ace Hardware 866-290-5334
American Formulating & Manufacturing, Administration: 619-239-0321 x110, Voice Mail: 800-239-0321 M-F 9:00-5:00 PT
Batteries Plus 800.677.8278
BatteryDepot, Freeport, NY 866-403-3768 (Inexpensive)
BatteryShip Inc., Cheyenne, WY
Bolt Depot, North Weymouth, MA 02191, 866-337-9888, 781-337-9888
DeWalt, DEWALT Industrial Tool Co., Baltimore, MD 21286
Factory Authorized Outlet (FAO) 800-629-3325 Fax: 800-629-2329, 800-323-0620
Harbor Freight, 800-444-3353 6 A-4:30 P PST M-F
Home Depot, 800-Home-Depot 800-466-3337
Kmart, 1-800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278)
Lowes 800-445-6937
McMaster-Carr, (404) 346-7000 (404) 629-6500 Fax (404) 349-9091, Atlanta, GA
Northern Tool + Equipment, Burnsville, Minnesota 55306, (24 hours, 7 days) 800-221-0516 (952-895-6866) Fax: 952-882-6927
Sears, 1-800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278)
The Hardware City, Customer Service 1-888-252-4252, MON-FRI, 6 am-5 pm SAT 6 am-2 pm PST
True Value, 877-502-4641 Customer Service, Brisbane, CA 94005

*** Ham Radio, etc.

ARRL 860-594-0200 [email protected]
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club [email protected]
Chattanooga Hamfest, Last weekend in October of each year
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322), Renew Ham License

*** Hayes, Norvel, *** Norvel Hayes

Norvel Hayes Teachings,
Norval Hayes Beware of Dead Talent, 32:43
Norval Hayes Don't Give the Devil a Choice, 52:16
Norval Hayes Dr. Norvel Hayes - How To Make The Devil Leave You Alone - (4 Part Set) Audio 3:53:40
Norval Hayes Praying Through, 73:33
Norval Hayes Seek God and You Shall Find Him (1 of 2), 1:30:30
Norval Hayes Seek God and You Shall Find Him (2 of 2), 53:54
Norvel Hayes - "Call those things which be not as though they were" 3:58
Norvel Hayes - Cry Out To God For Your Miracle ( Audio) 1:26:41
Norval Hayes - Don't Give The Devil A Choice (1984) (full) 52:16
Norvel Hayes - God's Power (1984 - 4 Part Set) Audio 4:27:12
Norvel Hayes - How to Get Bible Deliverance from Homosexual Demon (Part 1 of 2) Example Testimony 13:59
Norvel Hayes - How to Get Bible Deliverance from Homosexual Demon (Part 2 of 2) Example Testimony 13:58
Norval Hayes - How To Live And Not Die, 74:35
Norvel Hayes - How To Protect Your Faith 1:06:45
Norvel Hayes - How To Receive Healing And Miracles By Faith (Audio) 1:14:04
Norvel Hayes - In Jesus Name Deny Yourself - 2-8-81 (Audio) 1:22:29
Norval Hayes - Praying Through 1:13:33
Norvel Hayes - Prosperity Seminar (1984) 1:14:46
Norval Hayes 01 WOF, 00:55:54
Norval Hayes 02 WOF, 00:46:26
Norval Hayes 03 WOF, 00:58:38
Norval Hayes 05 WOF, 00:48:38
Norval Hayes 06 072397 Wed AFT Worship Norval Hayes 01:50:07
Norval Hayes 09 WOF, 01:07:01
Norval Hayes 10 WOF, 01:05:25
Norval Hayes 11 WOF, 01:59:58
01 Norvel Hayes - Worship always brings victory! 1:10:14
02 Norvel Hayes - Speak to your mountain! 1:13:58
03 Norvel Hayes The Healing Anointing 58:59
04 Norvel Hayes 'Testimony 1;02:23
05 Norvel Hayes God of the Living 1:21:31
06 Norvel Hayes Gifts of the Spirit 1 Gift of Faith 1:05:03
07 Norvel Hayes - Gifts of the Spirit 2 (Gifts of Healing) 1:06:37
08 Norvel Hayes - Gifts of the Spirit 3 (Let the healing river flow!) 1:05:27
09 Norvel Hayes - Gifts of the Spirit 4 (Jesus is Your Healer!) 1:23:34
10 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Gifts of the Spirit - Word of Wisdom) 1:01:21
11 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Faith has a voice, God wants to hear it!) 1:10:35
12 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Get Heaven's Blessing's here on earth) 1:27:39
13 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (It's how you believe in order to receive) 1:23:57
14 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Read the Bible to the Devil to get Total Victory) 59:22
15 Norvel Hayes Healing Revival (Believing God For Finances) 1:01:36
16 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Give God thanks for everything) 51:06
17 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Healing and Deliverance Through Prayer cloths) 51:09
18 Norvel Hayes Healing Revival (Breaking the power of unbelief) 1:01:36
19 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Beware the doctrines of men!) 34:49
20 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Prophecy) 1;16:25
21 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (The Gift of Prophecy/Laying on of Hands) 1:00:24
22 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Obey God or Pay) 58:14
23 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Gift of the working of Miracles) 41:36
24 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Deliverance/Prosperity) 53:18
25 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Freedom from sexual Impurity) 1;29:21
26 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (How I learned to cast out Devils) 54:32
27 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Deliverance from Dope/Drugs) 1:04:24
28 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Working of Miracles) 1:06:52
29 Norvel Hayes Healing Revival (Obedience Brings God's Power) 45:36
30 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival (Living In The Abundant Life) 1:00:05
31 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (How to Believe the right way) 1:13:21
32 Norvel Hayes 1986 Satellite Seminar (Thank God before YOU have it and YOU will 1:14:15
33 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (Gift of Miracles) 1:16:29
34 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (Lady healed of Cancer) 49:12
35 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (People Receiving a new Hearts from God) 1:08:43
36 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (Abraham's Faith) 1:27:42
37 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (How to get God's Power to work for you) 1:52:13
38 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (How to break the Power of the Devil) 1:24:30
39 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (How to attack your mountain) 52:27
40 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (Healing through the annointing oil) 1:03:27
41 Norvel Hayes - 1986 Satellite Seminar (Get rid of your diseases by talking to it) 52:27
42 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival 1985 (The power we have in Jesus Name) 52:22
43 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival 1985 (How to be led by the Spirit) 56:18
44 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival 1985 (Prayer for sick cheque books) 1:22:17
45 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival 1985 (God's healing power released through the anointing 51:35
46 Norvel Hayes - Healing Revival 1985 (The Gift of Prophecy) 1:01:49
47 Norvel Hayes - How to Live and Not Die 1:16:31 >br> 48 Norvel Hayes - Laugh At The Devil 57:39
49 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 1 of 4 2:00:00
50 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 2 of 4 1:08:28
52 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 3 of 4 1:54:40
53 Norvel Hayes - Demonology Pt 4 of 4 2:21:36

*** Headings for Rest webpage:

*** Health: See also See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

American Longevity, Co, Dr. Joel Wallach host of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" 800-416-1323
Arbor Nutrition Guide, Lots of articles on deficiencies.
Brian Core Therapy
Cure or Prevent Cancer, Vitamin B-17, 1 Cure 4 Cancer, 6123 Lapeer Rd. Burton, MI 48509 786-425-3125
Daniel Chapter One, Rhode Island, 800-504-5511 Current Downloads Program Downloads More Downloads
Dr. Weil
FDA, Internet site. Good place to begin researching medications.
Hannen Health Systems, Ozark , Alabama 36360 866.362.7297 Fax 334.445.9355
Health Finder, A service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Good place to begin researching medications.

Dr. Jack Stockwell & Associates, Chiropractor, NUCCA, South Jordan, UT 801 523 1890 M-W: 9-5:30pm Th-F: 9-5:00pm Sat: 9-12:00pm, common sence stuff, Order 866-867-5070 Listen via Flash Listen via Mp3

Know The Cause, Doug Kaufmann, fungus, chronic fatigue syndrome,
Life Extension Foundation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Orders: 1-800-544-4440 Advisors: 1-800-226-2370 Help: 1-800-678-8989
Living Source, The, TX, Dr. Jim Summers, (254) 776-4878, 9-5 T-F CT
Mouth FX, Tooth paste drops, (888) 569-4172
National Allergy Supply, Inc. 800-522-1448
Optimal Wellness Center, Dr. Joseph Mercola 847-985-1777, Chicago, IL, Lots of info, Full electronic cook book,
Planet Herbs, Good web site for articles on herbs
Steve Wells and Associates Pty Ltd, Inglewood Western Australia, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)
Vitamin Research Products, Inc. 800.877.2447 Fax: 800.877.3292 3579 Hwy 50 East Carson City, NV. 89701 USA
Wilson's Syndrome, Low thyrodism, Lots of information on it.
World Without Cancer Corp, 1-877-342-5217
Dr Asa Andrew, Nashville, TN, Dr. Asa ON CALL Radio Show On Air: 888.283.7272
Dr. Z, Chiropractic Neurologist, Don't Feel Good? Don't Know Why?

*** Helps

Bradley County Health Dept, 201 Dooley St SE, Cleveland, TN 37311-6220 (423) 728-7020 Fax: (423) 479-6130 Dental Clinic, Fee based on need, family size, etc., Referral clinic pulls teeth once a month on site

Community Advisory Board, Community Action Network 423.479.2020 List of all charities

Consumer Credit Counseling Service, CCCS of Chattanooga, 2245 Olan Mills Drive Chattanooga, TN 37421 (423) 490-5620 (800) 459-2227

Family Promise of Bradley County, Cleveland, TN 423-650-4106, emergency shelter

First Things First, Chattanooga, TN 423.267.5383, Parenting Skills, etc.

Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland, Cleveland, TN 423.476.6947

Legal Aid Of East Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN (423) 756-4013

Neighbors In Need, Cleveland, TN (423) 472-0769, Help with utility bills and rent

Parenting that Works, 423-339-6781, Parenting skills for new parents and tune up for existing ones.

Tax Preparation, free, Bradley Baptist Association, 2707 North Ocoee Street, Cleveland, TN 37312 423-476-5493

The Caring Place, Cleveland, TN 423.472.4414 Hrs: Tue-Fri 9am - 12pm, Tuesday night 6pm - 8pm

The Refuge, Cleveland, TN 423-584-5211

The Salvation Army

*** History:

Mayflower Compact

*** HTML:

HTML Sourcebook, Companion web site, go to "HTML Sourcebook"
HTML Sourcebook Author's web site
Web Design Group, info on HTML, etc,
Web Question
Windows Scripting stuff
Windows Scripting stuff
PHP Tutorial

*** Humor:

Dilbert cartoon strip

*** Information:

Federal Information Center 800-688-9889 FIC is a single point of contact for people who have questions about Federal agencies, programs, and services

*** Insurance: See also Chattanooga Group

Alliance Benefit Group, Med Savings Account, 800-898-9344, Fax: 866-254-6490
AmeriLife, Clearwater, Florida (727) 726-0726, Locally, AmeriLife & Health Services of Chattanooga, LLC
Ceridian, Medical Reimbursement Services, 877-887-7739 8-8 ET M-F
Evaluate Life Insurance, James H. Hunt, Concord, N.H. 603-224-2805 (eves/wkends OK), cost 85+
Medica, 800-952-3455 952-945-8000 Nurse Line: 800-962-9497
Medco, prescription insurance, PO Box 14711, Lexington, KY 40512 Cust Serv (800) 372-5802 Number on card 800-922-1557
Primerica, Inc. Duluth, GA General Policy Information 1-800-257-4725
Select Quote 800-963-8988 Term Life Insurance online quotes
United Behavior Health, 800-391-5653, website has list of all providers in area.
United Health Care, Chatt group 2002-01-01 to 2002-12-31
United Health Care, Personal Info on claims, 888-610-9040
United Health Care, 888-610-9040, website has list of all providers in area.
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Co 800-325-4368, Wellness screen, 100/year reimbursement
Georgia Department of Community Health, Atlanta, GA 404-656-4507
Zander Insurance Group, Nashville, TN 800.356.4282 F: 615-352-2850, life, identity theft, Health, Auto, disability
Farm Bureau Insurance Of Tennessee, TN 435 Berywood Trl NW Cleveland, TN (423) 479-9755 (800)-836-6327
State Farm, Reba Garrison LUTCF, 2121 N Ocoee Street Ocoee Premiere Park Suite 109 Cleveland, TN 37311-3953 (423) 476-2296

*** Insurance: 2010 websites of interest
GA Teachers, sign up for 2010 benefits, State Health Benefits Plan
Delta Dental of CA, PPO Members 800-765-6003, Effective 1/2009-2010-,
Delta Dental of TN, Nashville, TN 800-223-3104 615-255-3175 FAX: 615-244-8108 Dental Insurance 800-971-4108 (in Michigan)
Georgia Department of Community Health, (Click on SHBP)

*** Insurance: 2011 websites of interest
GA Teachers, sign up for 2011 benefits
Georgia Department of Community Health, (Click on SHBP)

*** Insurance: 2012 for 2013 Plan Year websites of interest
GA Teachers, sign up for 2012 benefits
Georgia Department of Community Health, (Click on SHBP)
State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), Atlanta, Georgia 404-656-6322, 800-610-1863, Secure Fax: 866-828-4796

*** Insurance: 2013 for 2014 Plan Year websites of interest
GA Teachers, sign up for 2014 benefits
Georgia Department of Community Health, (Click on SHBP)
State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), Atlanta, Georgia 404-656-6322, 800-610-1863, Secure Fax: 866-828-4796
Changes to health plan
Georgia State Health Benefit Plan, Web Portal for changes, 2013, insurance
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) in standard format

*** Insurance: Chattanooga Group: 2009

*** Investment:

David A. Medford CFP, Cleveland, TN 423-476-2712, Forever Funds Planning
David H Davis & Assoc, 423-756-4993,
Entrust Arizona, Phoenix, AZ 85050 (480) 306-8404 Fax: (480) 306-8408
Milliman & Robertson, Inc, Chatt 401k investment web site
Motley Fool Newsletter 13 steps to investing.
Schwab, Charles, 800-724-7526 7a-11p ET M-F Login
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.Darien, Ct. 800-727-7922 203-662-9700 Fax 203-662-9771 Peter Schiff
Kingdom Trust Company, Murray, KY 42071 270-226-1000 (888)753-6972
Legacy, LPL Financial, Kenneth Jones
Lincoln National Corporation, Kevin Laman
National Financial Services LLC (NFS) (Clearing Firm for EuroPac)
Perth Mint, Perth, WA 6843, AUSTRALIA Phone +61 8 9421 7222 Fax +61 8 9221 2258 In association with Euro Pacific
Sterling Trust, Road Waco, TX 76702-2526, 800-955-3434 Fax: 254.751.0872
Weiss Research, Inc., Money and Markets ezine
Wells Fargo, Retirement Plan, Customer Service 888-245-9798 7 am-10 pm CT
Valic, Vivian's retirement company

*** Investment, track: S&P 500 Index, Exp Mov. Avg, 13, 34, RSI, 14, MACD, 12,26,9

*** Jet Timeshare:

Flex Jet, Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal, Quebec 514-861-9481
Flight Options 877.703.2348, Citation II, Hawker, Beachjet, etc.
Jetways corporate jet timeshares 800-494-5387
Netjets Executive Jet, 800-821-2299 Jet Timeshares
Raytheon Jet Timeshares 888-824-6359
Skyjet, Manasses, VA 1-888.2.Skyjet

*** Jobs:

Jobs Webpage
Resume, cover letter, interviewing help.

Astec Inc, Chattanooga, TN (423) 867-4210
ARCH Chemical Charleston TN
Chattanooga Times Free Press Jobs
Cleveland Daily Banner, Full time jobs
Cormetech, Cleveland, TN 423-473-6900
EPB Jobs
Express Employment Professionals, Cleveland, TN 423-479-1720
Mueller Company, Chattanooga, TN, Cleveland, TN
Proctor and Gamble
TVA Jobs
Washington Group International
Mesa Associates, Inc, ELECTRICAL DIVISION Chattanooga, TN 423-424-7300 Fax 423-424-7303, Electical Power lines
Volkswagen Group of America, Automotive
Olin Chlor Alkali Products Division, Charleston, TN 423-336-4000

*** Kiwanis

Kiwanis International
Kiwanis One, membership website
Kiwanis Club of Cleveland, Cleveland, TN, 423-476-7843 Meetings: Every Thursday at 12:00 Noon Mountain View Inn, Cleveland, TN

*** Law: *** Legal: *** Attorney

Handel On The Law, Sat 10 a-2 p ET, 888-2-HANDEL 888-242-6335
Legal Aid Of East Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN (423) 756-4013
Legal Zoom, Legal documents website
Sabin & Associates PLLC, Chattanooga, TN 423-648-9829 Estate Planning

*** Lawn Care:

Trugreen 423-622-7262

*** Library:

Chattanooga State Library
Cleveland Public Library 795 Church Street NE Cleveland, TN 37311 423-472-2163 423-479-8367 (History Branch)
Cleveland State Community College Library 423-478-6209
Electric Library, Search Engine
Hamilton County, TN USA Public Library, Online Card Catalogue 423-855-2689
Library of Congress
Medical Library, Alternative Medicine
Pentecostal Resource Center, Lee University, Cleveland, TN, Cleveland Public Library
Tennessee Electronic Library, (TEL), Tennessee State Library and Archives, (615) 532-4627
UTC Library, Chattanooga, TN

*** Lotus:

Notes, Lotus, Good informative

*** Mac:

Mac Software Updates

*** Magazines:

PC Magazine

*** Mannatech:

Mannapages, Sharon M. Love, glyconutrients
Mannatech Incorporated 600 S. Royal Lane, Suite 200 Coppell, TX 75019 972-471-7400, 800-281-4469, makers of Ambrotose Information Line 888-346-INFO glyconutrients

*** Mannatech, Support:

Dupli-Pack 7755 E. Gelding #104 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 888-443-1979 Fax 480-443-3522 E-mail: [email protected] Glyco Tools
Free Products Forever, Free website, explains the marshal plan
Glyco Information.Info, very educational web site.
Glyco Information.Com, Essential sugars carbohydrates
Glycoscience, Essential sugars carbohydrates
Glyco Radio, W3GRN, Health radio
Hans K. Haskell, Mannatech distributor
Miracle Sugars,, Mannatech, Incorporated, Coppell, Texas (877) 877-8170
Ray Gebauer [email protected], Great info, Links/The Treasure Map to Finding Your Treasure

*** Manners:

Lois Hearn, Etiquette Consultant, Charleston, SC 843.633.0031

*** Maps:

Bing Maps
Google Earth, Satellite images
Maps of the world, courtesy of the CIA, University of Texas
Yahoo, Resources, Maps, Very Good for driving directions.

*** Math:, comprehensive, free mathematics revision notes

*** Memory Improvement:

The Memory Page, numbers
The Memory Page, Peg word
Memory Improvement

*** Microsoft:

Open a Word 2007 document in an earlier version of Word
How to open Microsoft 2007 documents in OpenOffice?
Updates to the Windows software
Help to updates of software
Windows Update website to update your softwre

*** MLMuniversity: MLMU:

MLM Teleclasses, Free conference calls monthly
MLM University

Klemmer & Associates, Inc. 800.557.557 fax: 415.328.3477, Novato, CA Brian Klemmer
Great Voice Company, Inc., The 800.333.8108
GrowthPro 205.871.2998 [email protected]
Free Stuff
Trapper Woods, Int (888) 972-0800 Time Management
Home Business Advertiser, Bob Schwartz & Company 717-426-2438 Printed Adds, Leads
Rene Reid Yarnell 888-285-6316 801-225-9520 MLM mentor, books, etc

*** Medical: See also See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

Allergi Relief Centers, Dr Gawthrop
American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).23121 Verdugo Drive, Suite 204Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Fax: (949) 455-9679 Chelation therapy
Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) Washington, DC 202.470.6016
Buckhead Dental Care, Atlanta, Georgia 404.239.9566 Russell T. McDougal, DDS, Dentist
Chattanooga Allergi Care, Chattanooga, TN 423-314-9399
DuraCare Medical Equipment Atlanta, GA 800/350-3872
Dr. Norman Elliott, Optometrist, Hixson, TN (423) 875-6997, Downtown Chattanooga, TN 30402 (423) 266-0573
Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 (336) 667-6464 R. Ernest Cohn MD, BPCT acam alternative doctor
Hyperbaric Services of East Tennessee, Cleveland, TN 423-790-7751, Dr. Atul M. Gupta MD, CMO
Immune Therapies International, Dr Ben Johnson, 4685 Chamblee Dunwoody Road Suite E3 (or 102) Atlanta, GA 30338 888-336-3533 770-455-6100 Fax: 770-452-1949
ITI Tucson, Dr. Stoff, 2122 N. Craycroft Road Suite 114 Tucson, AZ 85712 866-937-3450 FAX: 520-751-0101
Naturally Healthy, Romaner, Janine, ND, CHT, 770-640-6690
Naturopathic Health Clinic of NC, The, Winston-Salem, NC 336 724 4452 Jade Teta, ND Map
Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, Hixson, TN 423-877-4705 Dr. Mark Sumida, orthopedic surgeon
WebMD, Medical info on the web, Good articles
WinnSmiles, Cleveland, TN 423-472-6482

*** Medical, *** Hospitals, *** Long Term Care Facilities, *** Nursing Homes:

Nursing Homes in Tennessee
Bridge at South Pittsburg, The, South Pittsburg, TN 423-837-7981 Fax 423-837-1814
ERLANGER- BARONESS CAMPUS, hospital, 975 East 3rd Street, Chattanooga, TN 373?? 423-778-7000 Patient Info 423-778-7811 Patient rooms may be directly dialed by 423-778+room number

Forsyth Medical Center 3333 Silas Creek Pkwy Winston Salem, NC 27103 (336) 718-5000
Laurelbrook Sanitarium, 200 Sanitarium Circle, Dayton, TN 37321 423-775-0771 (Statistics) Map
Life Care Center of Athens, Athens, TN 423-745-8181
Memorial Hospital 2525 de Sales Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 (423) 495-2525 Patient Info 423-495-8600 Patient Room 423-495-8+ROOM# Dir 423-495-6244

Northern Hospital of Surry County, 830 Rockford St, Mount Airy NC 27030, 336-719-7000
SkyRidge Medical Center (Main) 2305 Chambliss Avenue NW, Cleveland, TN (423) 559-6000 SkyRidge Medical Center (Westside Campus)(Smaller) 2800 Westside Drive NW, Cleveland, TN 37312 (423) 339-4100

Spring City Care & Rehabilitation Center 331 Hinch Street Spring City TN, 37381 (423)365-4355 Fax (423)365-5093

Standifer Place Health Center, Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-490-1599 Fax: 423-490-4675
Sweet Water Nursing Center, Sweetwater, Tennessee (423) 337-6631 Fax: (423) 337-3801
Wood Presbyterian Home, Sweetwater, TN (423) 351-1105 fax: 865-213-4795

*** Medical, Information:

Cancer Tutor
Fungal Primer

*** Merchandise, Auctions, etc.:


*** Military items:

Arnold AFB Web page, Tullahoma, TN, open house, every 5 years, Years ending in 1 or 6, Pub Relations 931-454-5655, Tours Fridays at 9 am or 1 pm, by appointment only.
Oak Ridge, TN, Y-12 nuclear plant, 865-425-3610
Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Emergency 706-697-5555 Non-Emergency 706-697-1001

*** Mortgage Lenders, Homes:

BB&T Mortgage
Golden Rule Mortgage, 800-211-7471
Hartland Mortgage 1900 W. 75th Street Woodridge, IL 60517 (800)433-5363 Fax: (888) 398-5805
Northstar Discount Mortgage Corp. 800-597-4218

*** Mortgage Rates, Homes:

800 USA Loan, Interest rates
Bankrate, Mortgage's, etc
Churchill Mortgage 888-LOAN-200
First Star Home Mortgage Rates
Mortgage info from Quicken, good, Quick
Mortgage Rates, (Detailed by lender, has phone #'s), slow
Payless Loans, 800-664-7283, Mortgage lender
30 Yr Fixed Mortgage lending rates by discount points
Mortgage Rate Trends

*** Movies:

Creekside Cinema, Mt Airy, NC
Carmike Theaters Bijou 7, Chattanooga Wynnsong 10 Hamilton Place Mall
Carmike Wynnsong 10, 2210 Gunbarrel Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37421 (423) 855-1005
Movie Fone, Movie Theaters by zip code.
Movie listings and times by zip code nationwide.
Movie Tickets
Rave, Chattanooga, TN 423-855-9652
Regal Cinemas, Theaters, i.e. Hamilton Place
Hixson, TN Theratoers, most
Fandango, some theaters in Chattanooga, TN
Rave, East Ridge 18 + IMAX® 5080 South Terrace East Ridge, TN 37412 423-855-9652
Regal Hamilton Place 8, 2000 Hamilton Place Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37421, (423) 855-5951
Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX Theater, Chattanooga, TN 800-262-0695
TN, Chattanooga Show times
TN, Cleveland Show times
UEC Theatres 14, Cleveland, TN Info (423) 473-0041 Business (423) 473-0069

*** Mowers:

Briggs & Stratton Corporation, P.O. Box 702 Milwaukee, WI 53201 414-259-5333 Small gas engines,
Murray mowers, 800-251-8007.

*** NABN:

Eazy Books - Simplified Bookkeeping, Jamie L. Nicely 100 Cherokee Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37405 423.755.0821 Fax 423.755.0822
NABN, National Association of Business Networking, 4412 Brainerd Road Chattanooga, TN 37411 423.629.7885 Fax: 423.698.1706 [email protected]

*** National Grant Conferences

National Grant Conferences
National Grants Conferences, Conference locations
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
Census bureau Home Page
Thomas Register
Franchise Gator
Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. 16292 Westwood Business Park Dr. Ellisville, MO 63021 800-373-3581 Fax: 877-235-0808 Robert D. Baker, CLP President/Founder [email protected]
Finacual Report
Ersys (For Statistics)
PlanWare, For Financials

*** News:

ABC News
Associated Press, Home Page
Associated Press, Wire
Bloomberg, Business news
Drudge Report
Fox News
Glenn Beck
MS NBC news, like CNN
National Review, New York, New York 212-679-7330
NewsMax, Conservative News web site. 877-NEWSMAX
Plitico, Arlington, VA (703) 647-7999, Arlington, VA 703-294-6046
WZNZ, CNN 24 news station, Medford, OR 800-496-3266, Conservative issues, very good.

*** Newspapers:

All US Newspapers
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, GA, Letters to the Editor
Boston Globe, The web site
Chattanooga Free Press, Chattanooga, TN (423) 756-6900 Letters to Editor???
Chattanoogan, Chattanooga, TN Letters to Editor
The Daily News Publishing Co., Memphis, TN (901) 528-5270 Fax 901-526-5813
Cleveland Daily Banner, Cleveland, TN 423-472-5041 Letters to Editor
Investors Business Daily
Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville, TN 865-521-8181 Letters to the Editor: editor at
New York Times Letters to the Editor Ob Ed Submittion
Mt Airy News, Mt Airy, NC
The Tennessean, Nashville, TN (615) 259-8000
Wall Street Journal
Winston-Salem Journal, Winston-Salem, NC
USA Today Letters to the Editor
Cleveland This Week, Cleveland, TN

*** Office Supplies:

At A Glance, Calendars
Office Depot 800-463-3768
Office Max Customer 800-283-7674
Time and Date, Calendars, monthly, yearly
Staples 800?3STAPLE
Vista Print, 800-961-2075, Business cards etc. just for the cost of shipping!

*** Opportunities:

Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. 16292 Westwood Business Park Dr. Ellisville, MO 63021 800-373-3581 Fax: 877-235-0808 Robert D. Baker, CLP President/Founder [email protected]
Finacual Report
SDCooper Company 866-693-7767

*** Organizing:

Messies Anonymous, help on organization, 1-800-MESS AWAY
Restoring Order, Vicki Norris', Sherwood, OR 503-625-5774

Pacific Achievements International LLC (PAI):

Larry Nichols Newsletter
Pacific Achievements International LLC.(PAI)

*** Palm:

cellphoneshop 866-381-1670 9-6 pm M-F
Palm Zone

*** Pets:

Drs Forter and Smith, Rhinelander, Wi 800-381-7179

*** Pharmacy: See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

Bio Scrip Pharmacy Services 800-677-4323 fax: 800-205-7408 mail order

*** Phone:

AT&T High Speed internet help me.
AT&T Real yellow and white pages. PDF's of phone book pages
How to Call Abroad
One Suite, 2.9 cents per min long distance prepaid phone service
See Wireless

*** Political:

Department of Health, State of TN
George W Bush
George W Bush, Tennessee’s web site
State of TN
Tennessee General Assembly, Nashville, TN
Whitehouse, Washington, DC Email The President Email the Vice President
US House Main Web Page
US Senate Main Web Page
Duncan, John J. Jr. Tenn 2nd District Congressman
Secretary of State, 1st Floor, State Capitol, Nashville, TN 37243 (615)741-2819
Frist, Bill, US Senate, 202-224-3344 Contact Form
Barack Obama, Obama for America P.O. Box 8102 Chicago, IL 60680 (866) 675-2008
John McCain 2008 P.O. Box 16118 Arlington, VA 22215 (703) 418-2008
J. Adam Lowe is the 4th District Commissioner (423) 472-6068

*** Prayer Requests:

CBN Prayer and Counseling
International Prayer Center, Cleveland, TN
TBN Prayer line address

*** Productivity, Time Management topics:

Balance Time, Mailing List for Time Management topics
Smart Planet, Online Courses
Time Savers Gazette, free email newsletter 2x/month
Timley Time Management Tips and articles
Mindtools, time Management tips

*** Radio:

On the Radio, find stations in cities
Radio Stations in Cleveland, TN Area
TN Chattanooga WDYN 89.7 FM Religious Radio
TN Chattanooga WGOW 1150 AM WGOW 1150 AM Listen Live
TN Chattanooga WGOW 102.3 FM Web broadcast, radio WGOW 102.3 FM Listen Live
TN Chattanooga WMBW 88.9 FM, Religious, Moody WMBW 88.9 FM Listen Live
TN Cleveland WCLE 101.3 FM, Talk 101.3 The Buzz, 423-472-6700,
TN Cleveland WCLE 104.1 FM Listen Live
TN Cleveland WCLE 1570 AM 423-472-6511, Beck 9 a-12 p, Prager 12 p-2 p, Ramsey 2 p-5 p, Valentine 5 p-7 p, Humphries, 9 p-12 a WCLE 1570 AM Listen Live
TN Knoxville WNOX 100.3 FM, News Talk WNOX 100.3 FM Listen Live
TN Nashville WAY FM Contemporary Christian Radio, Sky Angle feed, Multiple regional stations
TN Nashville WLAC 1510 AM
GA Atlanta WGST 640 AM WGST 640 AM Listen Live
GA Atlanta WSB 750 AM Listen
GA Rossville WUUA 980 Am Talk Radio
XM Radio
Camp Ocoee, 111 YMCA Drive Ocoee, TN (423)338-5588
YMCA, Chattanooga
YMCA, Cleveland

*** Religious:

A Place of Hope, Dr. Gregg Jantz, Edmonds, WA 98020 888-771-5166 eating disorders, weight management
Abba's House, Central Baptist Church, Hixson TN 423-877-6462 Ron Phillips Watch Live Via Flash Watch Live Via Windows Media Player
According To Prophecy Ministires, Lemon Grove, CA (619) 267-1573, Donald Perkins
American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow
America For Jesus 2012

Benny Hinn Ministries
Billye Brim Ministries, Kirbyville, MO 65679 (417) 336-4877
Bethel, Redding Ca. (530) 246-6000, Bill Johnson
Breakthrough with Rod Parsley, Columbus, OH Prayer: (888) 534-3838, General Inquiries: (800) 637-2288

C-Faith, Many spirit filled ministers info, articles, and Videos, Fee based
Charles Capps Ministries, England, Arkansas (501) 842-2576 Listen Online
Chick Publications, Ontario, CA, (909) 987-0771
Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robinson, 800-759-0700, Virginia Beach, VA, 700 Club, CBN Teaching Sheets Watch
Christian International Ministries Network, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459 (850)231-2600, Prophesy training, Dr. Bill Hamon
CIFamily Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Dr. Bill Hamon Podcasting
Church of God International Offices, Cleveland, TN 423-472-3361
Citizen Link, Focus on the Family's Web site about family issues in policy and culture. Political
Charis Bible College of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO 80949, Andrew Wommack Ministries
Cleveland Net

Daystar Television Network, Dallas, TX 800-329-0029 Watch Live
Dino Plays Piano, Branson, Missouri 866-591-3466
Discovering The Jewish Jesus, Dublin, Ohio 800-240-1303 Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Embassies of God International PO Box 2080 Crystal River, FL 34423 352-795-7703 877-HE-HELPS, Samone, Deliverance center, God's Spiritual Hospital
End Time Ministries with Irvin Baxter, Jr., Plano TX 800-363-8463
Evans, Tony, The Urban Alternative P.O. Box 4000 Dallas Texas 75208 800-800-3222

FAITH 2 ACTION P.O. BOX 633 Dania Beach, Florida 33004-0633 [email protected] Janet L. Folger
Faith Life Now, Gary Keesee, Money stuff 888.391.5433
Faithman, Links to Pentecostal ministries
Feldick, Les Kinta, OK 74552 800-369-7856
First Things First, Chattanooga, TN 37403 423-267-5383
Fly Lady, How to clean your house, declutter, etc., messes, housework, cleaning
Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson, (800) A-FAMILY or 719-531-5181
Forcing Change, Manitoba, R0K 2A0 CANADA
Foss, Steve Ministries, Keller, TX 817-898-0440

God TV
Growing in Grace Ministries, Inc., GGM, Chatt, TN, 423-605-2268

Hayes, Norvel, Ministries, Cleveland, TN 37364 423-479-5434 New Life Bible College, New Life Bible Church, Norvel Hayes,

Islam and Christianity, Emmett, ID, Seventhday Adventist
Its Supernatural, Sid Roth

Jeffrey, Grant, Ministries. 800-711-1976

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Lamb & Lion Ministries, McKinney, TX, (972) 736-3567
Leding, Tom, Tulsa, OK 918.748.8200
Lindsey, Hal, Palm Desert, CA 888-RAPTURE, The Hal Lindsey Report
Living on the Edge, Atlanta, GA, 866-710-5320 w/Chip Ingram Listen Online
Living Savior Ministries, The (TLSM), Justin, TX (940) 242-2106 Pastor Thurman Scrivner Full Length Teachings Audio holdings
Lowery Dr. T.L., T.L. Global Foundation, 423-473-4562

Marilyn Hickey Ministries, Prayer: 877-661-1249 Church: 303-729-1476 ext 210
Many Ministers, including Norvel Hayes Teachings,
Metropolitan Tabernacle, Chattanooga, TN 423.894.3377 Pastors Steve and Reita Ball
Meyer, Joyce Ministries 800-727-word
Midday Connection, Moody radio program
Mills, Dick, Ministry
Morris Cerullo's web page, e-mail pray requests
Mt. Olive Ministries, Cleveland, TN 423.479.3381, 11A, 6P Sun, 7P Wed
National Day of Prayer, First Thursday in May of each year,

North Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland TN 423-476-5513 Watch Live!

Omega Letter, by a guy who writes for Hal Lindsey
On-line Bible
One Voice Ministries, Omaha, NE (402) 896-6692 Hank Kunneman
Oneplace, Christian, Ministry, Live Radio programs
Oral Roberts, 7777 South Lewis Tulsa, OK 74171 Prayer: 918-495-7777
Osborn, T.L., OSFO International, Box 10 Tulsa, OK 74102 (918) 743-6231

Perry Stone, VOICE OF EVANGELISM, PO BOX 3595 CLEVELAND, TN 37320-3595 Phone: 423-478-3456
Prince, Derek, Charlotte, NC 704.357.3556
Prince, Joseph, Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc., Fort Mill, SC Facebook Podcasts Twitter
Prime Time America 820 N. La Salle Blvd. Chicago, IL. 60610 Moody Radio

Rhema, Kenneth Hagin
Roberson, Dave, Book: Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power, The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues, Dave Roberson Audio Teachings
Rock Bridge Dalton, Dalton, GA 706.279.3175
Roth, Sid, Sid Roth, It's Supernatural, Charlotte, NC (704) 943-6500

Swaggert, Jimmy, Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA Prayer Line 225.768.7000 Listen: Real Player Windows Media Player

Talk with God Today
TBN web page *** TBN: Audio only via MediaPlayer Video and Audio Via Streaming Video iTBN iTBN Introduction
Tennessee Church of God State Office, Chattanooga, TN 423-892-4831
The Dove Brothers Quartet, Bladenboro, North Carolina Office: David Cable: 910-640-9025
TN Church of God State Office, Chattanooga TN 423-892-4831
TurNews, Chattanooga, TN 423.559.7820

Van Impe, Jack, Ministries, Troy MI, 248-852-2244 Jack Van Impe Ministries
VCY American, Conservative Web site, Cross Talk

WFAX AM 1220 Christian Teaching, gospel, religious, Schambach, Internet feed Listen in
Whittington, Jim, Jim Whittington, Atlanta GA 770 456-4550
Wommack, Andrew Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO 719-635-1111 Andrew Wommack Ministries,
Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN 423.899.9185
Word of Promise, The, 866-585-3201, dramatized bible
World Changers Church, Creflo Dollar, 770-996-0450 Audio Archives 2001 Audio Archives 2002 Audio Archives 2003 Audio Archives 2004 Audio Archives 2005 Audio Archives
World Harvest Church, Canal Winchester, Ohio Pastoral Care office: (614) 837-1990, ext. 312 Rod Parsley
World Harvest Radio, Audio Feed, LeSea, Lester Summarall's site Listen to WHME FM 103.1 World Harvest Radio, Audio, Real Player, South Bend

*** Religious: Audio:

Bible read to you
Capps, Charles
Hinn, Benny, This is your day, Archives
Dollar, Creflo, 3 years worth of archives
Meyers, Joyce, Lessons
Rhema Radio Broadcasts, 3 weeks of archives
Stone, Perry, Broadcasts
Audio Bible
Proverbs 1-31
Proverbs 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14
John 1-21
Acts 1-28
Romans 1-16
1 Corinthians 1-16
2 Corinthians 1-13
Hebrews 1-13

*** Repair:, Inc. Canton, MI 800-269-2609 734-495-3079 fax 734-495-3150, dishwasher, dryer, microwave, appliances

*** Restaurants:

Burger King
Captain D's Seafood
Cold Stone Creamery #20595, Chattanooga, TN, 423-267-0888
Cracker Barrel
Golden Corral
Huddle House Corporate Office, Atlanta, GA 770.325.1300
Jimmy John's, 973 Market St., Chattanooga TN 423-305-6900, delivers, Sandwiches
K&W Cafeterias Inc.
Long Horn Steak House
Mrs Winners
Olive Garden
Pizza Hut, Inc. Dallas, TX Customer Feedback 800-948-8488 972-338-7700
Ryan's Restaurant
Sagebrush Steak House
Shoney's, Nashville, TN 615-231-2333
Waffle House
Western Sizzlin

*** Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

Rich Dad Poor Dad, book, by Robert Kiyosak
Rich Dad, book 1 resources
Rich Dad, book 2 resources
Rich Dad, book 3 resources
Rich Dad's Personal Coaching 800-240-0434 ext. 5079
Rich Dad's Education, Murray, UT, 800-978-8068
Rich Dad World

*** Sales:

bfads Black Friday Adds Black Friday Adds Black Friday Adds

*** Scams:

Rip off Report
Scam, people supply info on scams
Snopes, Place to check in on rumors

*** Scholarships:


*** Schools, High school and Elementary:

Bradley County Schools, TN (423) 476-0620
Cleveland Schools, Cleveland, TN 423-472-9571
Hamilton County Education Dept, 423-209-8400
McMinn County Schools (423)745-1612
Murray County Schools, Chatsworth, GA 30705 706-695-4531 Fax 706-695-8425
Polk County Tennessee Schools, PO Drawer A Benton, TN 37307 423-338-4506

*** Science:

Science Fantastic, Dr. Michio Kaku Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm ET. Listeners are invited to call 1-800-449-8255

Any Who
Ask Jeeves
Dog Pile
ExpertCentral Mostly Free
WebHelp: Live person searches for you

*** Shipping:

Airborne Express, 800-247-2676
DHL Worldwide Express, 800-225-5345
Federal Express, FedEx, 800-463-3339
Grayhound Bus Service, 800-GPX1DAY
UPS, United Parcel Service, 800-742-5877
United States Postal Service, track parcels from. post office

*** Speed Reading:

EyeQ Advantage, Sales: 877-520-7323 Customer Service: 800-956-0576
Speed Reading Exercise

*** Sports:

Acc, The
ACC, 2013 Basketball Trournatmet
Duke Basketball
UNC Basketball
UT Football Schedule
ESPN3, watch sports
ESPNU (University sports)
Duke Sports Men's Basketball Schedule
North Carolina Sports website, i.e., Men's Tar Heal Basketball Men's Basketball Schedule
Wake Forest College Sports Men's Basketball Schedule
NCAA Sports Basketball, official web site
NCAA 2016 Brackets
Final Four, Basketball
SEC conference
University of Tennessee Sports, Knoxville
View NCAA Basketball Free
New England Patriots, NFL Football team, AFC Division
Colts, NFL Football team, AFC Division
USA Basketball
Basketball In China
UT Sports Radio Affiliates

*** Software:

Affordable Computers, Chattanooga, TN 423-499-1975 10 am to 6 pm M-F, Sat 10 am to 4 pm, current antiviurse software
Avira Anti-virus software
Best Freeware Download
CClean, deletes extras stuff from you PC
CyberPatrol, Web Blocker 866-806-4042 There will be a charge of $9.95 per call FREE SUPPORT: Fax: +1 (508) 621 3922 E-mail: [email protected]
DNS Changer Malware detector,
DIVX avi movie player software
FileZilla, Free FTP Softare Package
Firefox web browser
Free Ware Files, software, etc.
Free Ware Home, Software, etc.
K9 Web Protection, Internet blocker, Free Version, 801-999-2959 for recorded messages
Malwarebytes, free
Open Office, free excel, word, etc.
Primo PDF printer
Safari Web browser by Apple
Safe-Families, Internet blocker, Free We-Blocker, does not run on Vista or Windows 7 platforms
SaveTube, download videos from YouTube
SpyBot Search and destroy, free
Super, MP3 file converter, Publisher: eRightSoft
Tax Act
Zone Alarm, Firewall, free

*** Spurlock, Marva *** Marva Spurlock

Sunrider 310-222-6363 133-4212 Vita Shake Cocoa 10/25g box #10605 24.56 + tx + 9.10 s/h = 36.85
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation - Loudon, 1520 Grove St, Loudon, TN 37774 865.458.5436
My Revolutionary Health, Sunrider products, free sales tax and shipping!, Andrea Polidori, MSW, Revolutionary Health, Phone: 480-263-0233

*** Subdivisions

Benwood Subdivision, Home Owner Association (New Website)

*** Sumrall, Lester *** Lester Sumrall

Dr. Lester Sumrall, Demonology, Introduction Part 1
Dr. Lester Sumrall, Demonology-Introduction Part 2
Dr. Lester Sumrall, Demolology Preparation For Action 1, 8:52
Dr. Lester Sumrall, Christian Authority, Part 1

*** Sunrider

Sunrider 310-222-6363
Current Price List

*** Supplements: See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

Acupuncture Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 404-233-5080 fax: (404) 264-1470 Apex Energetics
Adderall Free Kids, 866-227-0068 Ext 4579PK Linda Clark, beCALM'd
Amerifit Brands Inc., Cromwell, CT 800-990-3476 Makers of Culturelle Probiotic
BIO INNOVATIONS 888-442-5150 Customer Service Line: 888.442.6161 Dr. Becker

BioActive Nutrients, Spooner, WI 800-879-6504 8a 4:30 p.m. CST, Guy Evans
Daniel Chapter One, Rhode Island, 800-504-5511
Essential Formulas Inc, Irving, TX 972.255.3918

Flexcin International, Fort Myers, FL
Hanna's Herb Shop, Colorado 80301 800-206-6722
Health Line, (800)370-3447 Online store for Premier Research Labs products

Jarrow Formulas, Los Angeles, CA 90035-4317, (310) 204-6936
Kroeger Herb Products Co., Inc., Boulder, Colorado, 80302 800-516-0690
My Natural Market, Draper, Utah (866) 646-8098 Fax (801) 415 1790 Probiotics 12 Plus 31.50
Natural Factors, Everett, WA, USA 800-663-8900

Natural Vitality, Burbank, CA 866-416-9216
Nature's Choice, NuMedica
Nutraceutical Corporation, Park City, UT 800.669.8877 Owns Solaray, and other brands.
Nutritional Scientific Corporation (NSC), Liberty, TX 77575 888-541-3997
Oakway Health Center, Inc., OR, 9 a-5 p PST, 800-450-0019, metagenics

Pharmaca, Boulder, CO Bluebonnet, Blue Bonnet
Pivotal Health Products, Phoenix, AZ 877-404-8804 602-404-3384
PureFormulas, Medley FL M-F 9-5 ET 800-383-6008 Carry xymogen, energitx, etc products

Probiotics12, Dr. Ohhira
Rest and Repair, Piedmont, Oklahoma (877) 338-3340
Solgar 201-944-2311

Twinlab Corporation, American Fork, UT 84003-3302 (800) 645-5626
Quantafoods Association Las Vegas, NV (702) 933-6395
Quincy Bioscience, Madison, WI 888-814-0814 Fax: 1-608-233-9139 Makers of prevagen, good for memory
Vitamin Research Products, Carson City, NV USA (800) 877-2447

Wellness Pharmacy, The, Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-954-2585 FAX: 423-954-2460

*** Taxes:

H and R Block, Good info
IRS Tax Attorney 888-712-7690 Alvin Brown and Associates, Helps defend you
IRS, Main site, Forms, Instructions, etc.
IRS, US Treasury, FAQ good?
Tax Act, Free tax preparation software
Tips on reducing your taxes.
Tax Preparation, free, Bradley Baptist Association, 2707 North Ocoee Street, Cleveland, TN 37312 423-476-5493

*** Television:

Chattanooga, TN, Channel 3 News, WRCB
Chattanooga, TN, Channel 9 News, WTVC
Chattanooga, TN, Channel 12 News, WDEF

*** Test Webpage:

Test Webpage

*** Thyroid issues: See also Drugs, Drugstore, Health, Medical, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Supplements, etc.:

Armour Thyroid medicine, Forest Pharmaceuticals, inc.
Armor Thyroid website, T3,
Biosafe, Home blood tests for thyroid, 800-768-8446, ext 123, $29.95 kit
Immune Therapies International, Dr Ben Johnson, 4685 Chamblee Dunwoody Road Suite E3 (or 102) Atlanta, GA 30338 888-336-3533 770-455-6100 Fax: 770-452-1949, thyroid
Johnson, John, Dr, Website on other ways to treat Thyroid Disease
Mary Shomon, Journalist, Thyroid
Thyroid information
Wilson's Syndrome, Low thyroidism, Lots of information on it.

*** Tickets:

Ramblin Wreck, Tickets to sports events in Atlanta GA, Georgia Dome,
Ticketmaster (317-239-5151?)

*** Time:

Eastern Time, Official time
Time zones of the world
UTC Time

*** Timers:

Class Timer

*** Toastmasters:

Toastmasters International
District 63
Manual descriptions
Monday Mumblers, Chatt TN
Free Toast Host website hosting
Speaking Tips

*** Traffic:

Tennessee Traffic Cameras
Chattanooga Traffic Cameras
46 Hwy 153 @ I-75
47 Hwy 153 @ Lee Hwy
48 Hwy 153 @ Shepherd Rd
49 Hwy 153 @ Shallowford Rd
50 Hwy 153 @ Jersey Pike
51 Hwy 153 @
52 Hwy 153 @ Hwy 58
53 Hwy 153 @ Amnicola Hwy
54 Hwy 153 @ South of Chickamauga Dam
55 Hwy 153 @ North of Chickamauga Dam
56 Hwy 153 @ South of Dupont Parkway
57 Hwy 153 @ Dupont Parkway
58 Hwy 153 @ Hwy 153 @ Hixson Pike
38 I-75 @ South of White Oak Mountain
37 I-75 @ North of Ooltewah exit
36 I-75 @ Ooltewah exit
35 I-75 @ South of Ooltewah exit
34 I-75 @ North of Enterprise South Parkway
33 I-75 @ Enterprise South Parkway
32 I-75 @ North of Bonny Oaks Dr
31 I-75 @ Bonny Oaks Dr
30 I-75 @ Standifer Gap Rd
29 I-75 @ Shallowford Rd
28 I-75 @ Franks Rd
27 I-75 @ Hwy 153 North
26 I-75 @ Brainerd Rd
25 I-75 @ South of E Brainerd Rd.
23 I-75 @ I-24 Junction
20 I-75 @ Spring Creek Rd
22 I-75 @ West Junction
21 I-75 @ Exit 1

Georgia Traffic Cameras I-75 I-575 Traffic Map

*** Training:

Excel Tips, updated weekly?
ICS Learning Systems, Correspondence courses, I.e. Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.
Injoy, John Maxwell's web site, help on Christian leadership
National Seminars Group, 800-258-7246, Cheep seminars
Rich Dad Poor Dad, book by
Rich Dad, book resources
Skill Path training, 800-873-7545, They give day seminars in cities around the country

*** Travel: Airports:

Atlanta Airport, (ATL), Department of Aviation 6000 North Terminal Parkway Suite 435 Atlanta, GA 30320 404-209-1700
Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA) 1001 Airport Road, Suite 14 Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-855-2200 Fax 423-855-2212
Colorado Springs Airport, (COS), 7770 Milton E. Proby Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 719-550-1972
Denver International Airport (DEN), 8500 Peñ¡ ‚oulevard Denver, Colorado USA 80249-6340 DIA, 303-342-2000 or 1-800-AIR2DEN Security Wait times: (303) 342-8477
Nashville, TN Airport (BNA) info
BWI Airport

*** Travel: Bus:

Express Shuttle, 423-954-1400 (24 hr), Chatt, TN
Greyhound 800-231-2222

*** Travel: Car Rental:

Alamo Car Rental 1(877) 222-9075
Avis Car Rental 800-331-1212
Budget Car Rental 800-527-0700
Dollar Car Rental 1-800-800-3665
Hertz Car Rental 800-654-3131
Enterprise Car Rental 800-261-7331
National Car Rental 877-222-9058
Thrifty Car Rental 1-800-THRIFTY (800-847-4389)
U-Haul 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285)

*** Travel: Flying: Major and Minor Carriers: *** Flying

Air Tran, 800-247-8726, (Discount Airline)
American Airlines, track flights, 800-433-7300
ATA, 800-435-9282
Comair, Delta Connection, 800.221.1212, airline
Continental Airlines, 800-523-3273
Delta Airlines, track flights, 800.221.1212
EasyJet airline company ltd, European Airline
Frontier Air, 800-432-1359 (Discount Airline)
Northwest Airlines, Track flights, 800-225-2525
Ryan Air, European Airline
Southwest Airlines, 1-800-IFLYSWA (1-800-435-9792) (Discount Airline)
United Air Lines, 800-241-6522
US Airways, track flights 800-428-4322
Vanguard Air, 800-826-4827 (Discount Airline)

*** Travel: *** Hotels & *** Motels:

877.226.3539 Candle Wood Suites
800.804.3724 Extended Stay America (Full Kitchen)
800.426.7866 Hampton Inn 800-Hampton
888.890.0242 Holiday Inn
800.548.8690 Hilton Honors Card
800-753-3757 LA QUINTA 800-SLEEPLQ
800.337.0050 Microtel Inns and Suites Franchising, Aberdeen, SD
800.466.8356 Motel 6
800.337.0077 Wingate Hotels, Aberdeen, SD

*** Travel: Other: Rail, booking websites, etc.:

AIRBNB, San Francisco, CA, 5:30A to 6:00P PST Su-Sa, 1-855-4-AIRBNB (855-424-7262) or 415-800-5959
AmTrak, National Routes
AmTrak, Train, Rail, 800-USA-RAIL 800-872-7245
Best Fares, booking website
Cheap Tickets, Airline Tickets
Cruise Critic, peoples advice on cruses
Expedia, travel web site
Flight Progress, track a flight, airplane,
Good place to plan a trip.
Groome Transportation, Van service, Chattanooga: (423) 954-1400 or (800) 896-9928 (Chattanooga, Fares)
Hotwire 1-866-HOTWIRE (1-866-468-9473) Outside U.S./Canada 1-920-634-3150
Insure My Trip 800-487-4722
KAYAK, Norwalk, CT +1-203-899-3100 Fax +1 203 899-3125 Domestic Travel
Low Air Fare, 800-569-2473
Mobissimo, San Francisco, CA, International Flying
One Travel
Park Sleep Fly,
Preview Travel
Price Line, 800-774-2354, Airline Tickets
Smarter Living
Travel Tools, Lap top bags, etc.
Travel web, Hotel & flight stuff
Wiki Travel, Find European airline carrieres here
VRBO, People rent timeshares, their homes, etc.
Transportation Security Administration, (TSA)866-289-9673

*** Travel: Parking:

Airport Parking Lots, i.e. Atlanta, GA

*** Unicity:

Enrich International
Hines, Ron, Custom Profile information.
Hines, Ron, Personal herbal web site
Lawrence, Doug and Sherry, 423-886-6729, Diamonds
My website, Unicity distributor
Trinity Group, Unicity, (DISABLED?)
Udiets, Unicity's weight reduction program
Unicity, IBO#=?, Herbs, etc.
Menopause Type, questionnaire for a women's life Point Guide Direct, the business information for Bios Life Slim product from Unicity Point Guide Direct, The product information for Bios Life Slim product from Unicity
Point Guide Direct, Burma Hicks is the sponsor for The product information for Bios Life Slim product from Unicity

*** Unicity Support:

Courage To Dream, Rexoll side of Unicity, Has current Conference call on it.
Courage To Dream, Insider page
EZ Office Link, Phone #, email, etc.
IBO Office,
IBO Training
iMarket Office
Invite and Host, Team Recruiting System
Natural Selling, 800.758.6989 Fax: 775.886.0777, Michael Oliver
Natural Selling, Free audio download
Nutritional Software, 800-571-2473 Fax 888-315-8873 Prepares nutritional evaluations
Pipeline Parable, Book, The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges
Rhino Report, The, How to build the Unicity business
Rhino Report, information on the products
SBT Training, Unicity
Sound Concepts, 15 East 400 South, Orem, Utah 84058 1-800-544-7044 Fax: 1-801-437-0612
Unicity Sales Tools, 888-507-3925, Sound concepts runs the deal.
Unicity, Call Details, prerecorded conference calls
U-link, 800-353-0037
Unicity Tools, 200 Swisher Road Lake Dallas, TX 75065 Fax: 940.497.9764 800.543.3323, e-mail [email protected],
Unicity Training

*** United States Post Office:

United States Postal Service, track parcels from.

*** Universities, Colleges and High Schools:

Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Chattanooga, TN 423-697-4400 Catalogs and Schedules WebCt Web For Students OneKey 800-677-6337 WebCt Web Version Tiger Email Map of Campus Online Orientation
Cleveland State Community College, Cleveland, TN 37312 423-472-7141 Catalog Schedule
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332 404.894.2000 Campus Police 404.894.2500
Iowa Central Community College 330 Ave. M, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 515-576-7201 800-362-2793
Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011, 515-294-4111 800-262-3810
ISU Employee Benefits office.
ISU TIAA-CREF Summary Plan Description
Lee University, Cleveland, TN 800-LEE-9930
Lee University, Theater Dept 423-614-8341 (3-6pm)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 617.253.1000 OCW=Open Class Ware
Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg, SC, 800-772-7286, 864-587-4000 Fax: (864) 587-4355
UTC, Chattanooga, TN 423-425-4111
UTK, Knoxville, TN 865-974-1000
Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence 512-703-1232

*** Universities and Colleges, MIT:

MIT Catalogue Academic Calendar

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MIT Open Courseware Audio Video Courses
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Electrical Engineering and ComputerScience
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sloan School of Management
Intro to Marketing, 15.810, MIT, Sloan School of Management

*** Universities and Colleges, UTC:

UTC, Chattanooga, TN 423-425-4111 Catalogs Schedules Names Academic Calendar Fee Schedule
UTC Adult Services Dept at 423-425-4485 11-7p M-R, 11-5 F, 10-12 Sa.
UTC Business School
UTC HelpDesk, Computers, at 423-425-4000. Or you can reach us via e-mail at [email protected] .
UTC MBA Program, Business college
UTC One Net Email
UTC One Net, FTP version
UTC Online (I.E. BlackBoard) Tutorial
UTC Bookstore
UTC Placement and Student Employment Center (423)425-4184 (423)425-4079 fax
UTC Echo Newspaper
Catalog to run online courses through
The requirements to run online courses through the catalog.

UTC College of Engineering And Computer Science
UTC BS in Engineering web page
UTC Engineering And Computer Science faculty and staff

Chatt State to UTC course number conversions

*** Veterinarian:

Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain, Signal Mountain, Tennessee (423)886-7387 Dr. Barbara Craig, Dr. Lisa Szczukowski and Dr. Laura Williams Dr. Colleen Smith,
Keith Street Animal Clinic, Cleveland, TN (423) 476-1804 Bob Sanders DVM

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Science Of Getting Rich On line Geniuses Course Articles

*** Weather:
US Current Weather (Large)
AZ, Phoenix, Local Weather, 85022
CO, Colorado Springs, Local Weather, 80949
GA, Atlanta, Local Weather, 30309
GA, Calhoun, Local Weather, 30701
NC, Mount Airy, Local Weather, 27030
OH, Dayton, Local Weather, 45428
OK, Tulsa, Local Weather, 74117
TN, Cleveland, Local Weather, 37311
TN, Gatlinburg, Local Weather, 37738
TN, Hixson, Local Weather, 37343
TN, Nashville, Local Weather, 37220
TN, Knoxville, Local Weather, 37917
TN, Pigeon Forge, Local Weather, 37863
TX, Justin, Local Weather, 76247
VA, Bristal, Local Weather
VA, Wytheville, Local Weather
WV, Beckley, Local Weather, 25801
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United States Forecast: Current Temperatures (Large) School Forecast (Large)
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Satellite: Atlantic Ocean (Large) In Motion (Large) Pacific Ocean (Large) In Motion (Large) Western Hemisphere Global Satellite (Large) In Motion (Large)
Satellite: U.S. Infrared Satellite i.e. Cloud Density (Large) In Motion (Large) U.S. Visible Satellite i.e. cloud cover (Large) In Motion (Large) Water Vapor (Large) In Motion (Large)
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Tropical: Tropical, i.e. Hurricanes Storm Track Projected Path Closeup Satellite Hurrican Advisories Tropical Storm Advisories
Misc: Pollen Index (Large) Wind Chill Forecast (Large)

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Go to Webinar DMM Internet Web Service Sunday, February 21, 2010 6 PM PST 9 pm ET

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Wiki Dictionary
Wiki Quotes
Wiki source, Free Library
Wiki University free learning resources
Wiki Commons, imagis and media
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*** Wireless, cell phones, etc:

Arch, Paging service
AT&T: 800.888.7600, cell phone, wireless
Cellular One 800.635.0304, cell phone, wireless
Cingular 866-CINGULAR
Cricket, 866.CRICKET, cell phone, wireless
Mobil MSM
Nextel 800-639-6111
Page Plus Cellular, Customer Service (800) 550-2436
Sprint PCS, where to view my account. 800-450-0396
Setting up the talk deal with Sprint PCS
Verizon Wireless, cell phone

*** Xango:

Xango.Net Distributor Login Page Distributor Login Page
A Gift of Heath
Corey Citron, Premier in Xango
Hot Biz Tools
Mangosteen Experiences
Mangosteen Tools, Magic Wand system
Mangosteen Calendar
My Magic Wand
Natures Wellness Secret, Free website
Rohn, Jim, International, South Lake, TX 800-929-0434

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Cut The (i.e. Your Electric) Bill!!!

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USPS, Zipcode for the USA

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